X100F Left Side of Photos Out of Focus

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Re: X100F Left Side of Photos Out of Focus

Reply to Ely Harbour, thanks again.

I made a few test images after receiving the X100F back from the lens replacement, CMOS adjustments, and cleaning.
As I mentioned in this thread, I couldn’t tell any noticeable difference after the repairs.
I believe what you’ve mentioned is probably a factor here. After I made my test images after repairs with infinity focus in the center, the left was still soft. I kept the same composition and focused to the extreme left. The left side was sharp, although the center and right side softened. Although the images should be sharp from edge to edge, I’m speculating the lens is still adjusting for focus at the end of its focusing limit therefore it’s not really at the limit as assumed, it’s attempting to compensate for lens not centered ,square to sensor, defective glass, etc.

Prior to purchasing my X100F on 7/16/2019, I downloaded high res X100F image files that were very sharp from side to side that obviously were taken at infinity focus. I’m curious now if by chance the photographers were manually focusing? I know that doesn’t explain my camera’s problem as when right side and center are in focus, the left isn’t. When the left is in focus, the center and right aren’t. Thanks much.

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