Fully Functional Hasselblad Camera Entirely From LEGOs

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Re: Fully Functional Hasselblad Camera Entirely From LEGOs

Alex Ethridge wrote:

Shrey wrote:

Just to nit pick:

It's not LEGOs, it's just LEGO. Americans made up the word LEGOs

Like the plural or Sheep is Sheep.

Great Lego camera, though!

Must be a Brit. They don't know how to spell color, either.

Should actually be "Lego's". The shortened form of "Lego bricks".

Lego bricks are an illegal Danish copy of a British invention, made by the Danish company named Lego, a shortened form of the Danish phrase "leg godt", translated = "play well". The Danish company eventually settled by buying out the British company that invented them.

As for colour, "colour" is the correct English spelling, actually comes from old Anglo-Norman, "color" is the Latin spelling, USA has a strange liking for using Latin, especially for legal text, even though the country has never spoken Latin!

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