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Re: Not a great idea IMO...

Uncle Frank wrote:

Thanks for your kind words, Uncle.

I have one small issue I'd like to discuss. You wrote,

It's a rather a different beast from a point-and-shoot,
and takes some time and dedication to master -- even though it
isn't rocket science by any means. So you might be happier with a
less complicated camera even in this respect.

Many slr owners apply the point & shoot label to anything that
doesn't have interchangeable lenses. But though the 5700, like
your 10d, can be used in point & shoot mode, it offers an array of
features that rival any dslr, and are greater than that offered by
the newly introduced Rebel.

That's correct, of course, and the high-end big-zoom digicams are definitely straddling the fence between "point and shoot" and... well, whatever you want to call it. Still, I think the distinction is important. They apply more in-camera image processing (histogram optimization, sharpening, usually more vivid tone curves), and more importantly, most of them are expressly designed to be used in PnS modes, with the manual functions "there if you need them." (The Minolta D7xx and A1 are notable exceptions in this respect.)

In fact, I believe it's the very
complexity of the 5700 and Lens Cap's inability to get good results
in the automatic (point & shoot) mode that's driving him to
consider a dslr.

There's the rub: he's been using it in the PnS mode. If he buys the DReb and continues to use it in the PnS modes, he may well be disappointed -- he'll have to deal with more limited depth of field, he'll probably find the colors flat and the images soft, the auto white-balance doesn't work very well, eventually he'll get dust on the sensor, the slower kit lens won't work well in low light (as the PnS modes won't go above ISO400), and so on.


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