5 Things In The Fuji Forum That Terrify Me This Halloween

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5 Things In The Fuji Forum That Terrify Me This Halloween

Came across an article titled: 10 Things That Absolutely Terrify Me This Halloween.

Thought it's fun to make a local version.

1. "But it's still a kit lens..."

I'm sorry, but is there a clear classification of kit lens, that a lens included in a kit has to be BELOW certain quality? Camera manufacturers have bundled all kinds of lenses in the camera kits, some being quite expensive. The 24-105/4, 24-70/2.8, and our Fuji 16-55/2.8 have all been bundled as part of kits. Are they not good lenses simply because somebody sticks a label on them "Beware of content: kit lens!"

2. "I heard lens X is horrible at close focus distance. I will never use it for portraits!"

I'm sorry. Portrait distance is far, far farther than close focus distance, unless, if you take portraits of insects.

3. "Lens X vs. Lens Y: The difference is day and night. There is no comparison!"

I'm sorry. In the dozen of Fuji lenses I've owned, there is not day and night difference even between the cheapest zoom and most expensive prime. There fact that there are constantly these threads debating "Lens X vs. Lens Y' confirms that there is comparison.

4. "Forget about Fuji. The Leica Q [or any FF camera] is the best travel camera, bar none! I have pictures from my gallery to show!"

I'm sorry, did you link the right pictures? Why they are indistinguishable from Sony RX100? Or, perhaps user error?

5. "Microcontrast is important! Leica is legendary, because their lenses display high degree of microcontrast."

Indeed Leica is legendary. But is there a single iconic image in the history of photography that becomes iconic because the lens used displays high degree of microcontrast? In fact, for any of the great images in the history of photography, does the viewer even know or care which lens was used?

Please feel free to add.

Sony RX100
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