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Corelli wrote:

I'm sure Jim Kasson would know more about this, but I believe that the latest generation of digital cameras have more dynamic range and resolution than 35mm film. Not sure about medium format.

And yes, lenses, in particular zoom lenses, have improved dramatically over what was available 20 years ago. Of course there are many photographers that use older vintage lenses for a certain "look".

And I am/was in same boat concerning what I was willing to pay for a camera and lenses. My last film camera was the Canon/Colani designed T-90 which I LOVED.

Today it's a Sony A7rii which far exceeds my own photographic skills. I would never have dreamt of spending 2 grand on a camera and another 10 on lenses! But I have to say I really do enjoy them all and my wife loves my photos which is all the confirmation I need


There have been a couple of good studies of this. And yes, in recent years I think it's safe to say that digital sensors have surpassed film of the same size in every way. An average 35mm negative can resolve about 6MP of information. Even if you consider that Foveon-like, it's about 18 to 24 MP from a Bayer sensor. And the latest sensors do have more DR as well. Some of the best films might do better (Ektar 100, for example), and black and white is a different situation, too.

Your point about lenses is also valid. The average lens of today is quite a bit better than the average lens of 40 years ago. But, as those 1940s Kodachromes show, good equipment 70 - 80 years ago, in the right hands, was very capable indeed, even by modern standards. Photography is mainly a lot easier now, and cheaper to get into and learn.

One other thing to consider, though, is that film scanner technology has lagged camera technology quite a bit, and there are a lot of mediocre scanners and scans out there, so a lot of the film scans that you see are not really showing what the film itself is capable of.

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