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opinions welcome seems todays phones are getting pretty good.

Just switched from 6D2 to RP last week.

I've seen tons of xxx phone vs xxx phone vs FF camera etc... comparing the fake bokeh and the night mode using computational photography. And yes, cameras on mobile phone came a long way. One thing common in those comparison is that they almost always shoot still scenery/subject. I wonder how much mobile camera improved on shooting moving subject in low light.

My main subject is my 4 year old daughter and nephews and niece, ages from 3-7. I have an old phone (Galaxy Note 8) and it struggles to take half decent shot in low light situation, let alone do fake bokeh for subject isolation. How does new phones, iphone 11 or pixel do in such situation? Many times I shoot them playing in poorly lit indoor (indoor playground such as Billy Beez, Chuck E Cheese, indoor gymnastics/trampline, ballet, indoor swimming, etc.). For example, I want to shoot my daughter jumping around in trampoline with bunch of other kids and isolate her with bokeh. How would newer phones do? My 6d2 and Canon 70-200 f/2.8 ii got the job done for me. Haven't tried with RP yet, but I assume results would be similar (less few fps I lose).

Since my Note 8 is not capable yet, I almost always carry ILC when I go out with my daughter. Either my FF or M50 with 22 f2 as needed.

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