Houston, We Have a Problem! (GFX 100 Problem)

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Houston, We Have a Problem! (GFX 100 Problem)

I decided to go shoot the GFX 100 today for the first time away from my condo. I have had the camera for a month but only shot it that one day on the roof here when I did that comparison shoot between the GFX 50r and GFX 100 using the 45 and 250mm.

Anyway, it was raining and boring flat light with bald, hazy white skies, but I wanted to shoot anyway so I drove 3 miles to Mission San Jose on the Mission Trail. It is an 18th Century Spanish Mission (very old for the US - no big deal for you Europeans).

I took 30 shots at the mission and was there only about 30 minutes. I decided to use a tripod with IBIS off, because it was low light and I wanted base ISO and get super sharp shots. I shot a while in the rain and came home and did post.

By the way, I did post as a test on my little travel Dell XPS 13 4K laptop. Guess what? I could tell no difference between the GFX 50r and GFX 100 in terms of how quickly it handled in LR. That was a pleasant shock.  No problem at all using the little laptop with those huge files.  Really fast and snappy.  That bodes well for my travel photography with the GFX 100.  How could that be? Those GFX files are huge and when they open in LR they un-compress from 100 to 200 MB don't they?  LR should have slowed dramatically.  (I shoot compressed raw on the GFX 100.)

Problem:  I noticed how razor sharp the files were.  You can see amazing detail - like tiny 19th century graffiti on far away stone walls.  But 6 of the 30 shots were badly blurred.  It looked like the random IBIS blur problem some people have with the Fuji XH-1, but IBIS was off.  It looks like the sensor had not reset after floating.  This was absolutely not user error.  It was not DOF blur.  It was not focus error or point selection.  It is blur across the frame and it happened 6 times!  I used a tripod on all shots.  And I was careful.  No way that tripod jiggled.

This is not good.  Here are some examples.  Full-size 40 to 60 MB JPEGs exported from the RAF file in LR.

This used to happen to me occasionally with the XH-1.  Man oh Man....  Any thoughts?  I'm freaking out here.  I'm gonna go check shoot some more tomorrow.

Bad motion-like blur throughout.  Focus point is about mid-way at F16.  1/8th second on a solid RRS tripod.

Sharp as a tac.  I for some reason took two shots and this one is sharp.  Took this one a few seconds before the bad shot.

Blurred throughout - 1/5th second at F11

Badly blurred throughout.  1/3rd second at F16.  Rock solid tripod.  Very Deliberate shot.

This one is really bad.  Look at the pipe above the first arch.  Looks like it is shaking.  1/6th sec at F11.  Blurred throughout, especially at the point of focus 3/4ths way deep.  Rock solid tripod shot.

I took two shots for some reason and this one is tach sharp!  This one was a few seconds after the blurred shot.

What a mess!  Look like a jerked phone shot.  Blurred at the point of focus and throughout. 1/3rd sec at F16.  Rock solid RRS tripod.  Very deliberate and careful shot.  
Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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