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Re: Photography, my unvarnished opinion.

Thomas A Anderson wrote:

coso dp wrote:

Thomas A Anderson wrote:

the rest of us are wasting our money.

This is what I think of myself. I always chased the full frame look, good lenses and such, because dslrs was the only way I could achieve that look. But now, for the first time, a phone is getting real close to the real deal.

Of course phone cameras are still vastly inferior to a real camera, but the point is, does it matter?

Nothing matters...until and unless it does. I have yet to see a phone that is a fast and flexible photographic tool.

Who really prints "big"? An iPhone picture watched on the phone or on a 4K monitor is perfectly fine, unless you go pixel peeping (which no one need to do). You can also edit the picture on the fly on your phone.

As I’ve told others, you are welcome to your low standards.

I'm not saying anyone is wasting money, for professional work of course a real camera will always be needed for years to come. But there are some amateur photographers that should really question if keep buying bodies and lenses is worth it.

Of course. However, “worth” is absolutely subjective and nebulous in its complexity.

Do they get enough fun out of it? Do they have thousand of dollars to spend?

The answer might be yes, the answer might be not, but I think it's a reflection each one needs to make now, after the tech in the iPhone 11 Pro and probably the phones in the next few years is finally available.

My problem is the trend towards convincing novices that phones are “good” when compared to real cameras. They aren’t.

Exactly. For my wife I tell her to stick to her phone and she is happy to do so, she can’t be bothered with exposure triangles and the technical aspect of ILC. For my mom I also told her the same, since I knew she wouldn’t get into photography enough to make it worth it.

But for those people who will get into it, and will PP their images rather than have a software make all the decisions for you, k do recommend a dslr. A dedicated camera gives you a different experience which can be very conducive to differentiating yourself and being creative. And then there is the low light situation. A fast prime on a crop of FF camera will do better in low light period. Those who argue that phone will catch up there.... sure. But then you have the whole subject of flash that people seem to forget. Sure I can put ISO 12800 in low light while wide open at F1.8. But put on a flash and do some bounce photography and ya are down to ISO 800 or below. You can’t beat that. Shutter lag, AF performance, and mode definitely AF in low light... phones don’t come close.

I think I will die laughing if ever see someone with something like the godox V860II mounted to their iPhone. Cause that is what we are taking about if people want to do a full comparison. Not just pick the situations which iPhone are good enough

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