1DX MKIII Pricing

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1DX MKIII Pricing

I hope Canon keeps in mind that many of us will be buying multiple copies of the New MKIII, as we do with all new releases and that it will be priced within reason, so we can maintain a full stock and backups.

When the 1DX first came out I think we paid about $7K USD for each copy and about $5.7K for each MKII with incentives from Canon.

The pricing of this camera will be more important than usual f*_or Canon_*, if they want some of us to also take the plunge into mirrorless and also invest in new glass.

This will be a market decision for Canon that not only affects their most loyal and highest margin client base but also position them against SONY & Nikon as the investment in new glass, is more substantial than the total sum of 3 new bodies.

I will not be buying any more EF glass as like most of us we have a full kit from wides to big whites.

Canon must price the MKIII in such a way that 2020 budgets will allow for PRO's who adopt the MKIII _to also make investments in 2-3 additional mirrorless bodies and then start accumulating all new glass. _

Failure to price the MKIII reasonably could make some look at other options when all-new mirrorless kits are being invested in.

I'm writing this with some down time at a shoot in Aruba. Every Canon sport shooter here wants the MKIII to be 30MP's with no increase in fps and I agree.

We all are joking about our CFast cards and how for a single generation they became obsolete. Canon migrated the CF Card from the 1DX to MKII but did not follow this tradition of one CFast Slot and for the new technology. For those who will be migrating away from their 1DX and 1DXMKIII technology, we're a little disappointed having 3 256GB Cfast and 3 64's as well as countless CF's.... a migration vs. obsolescence would have been nice. $1000.00 in cards could have gone to equipment that does not go out of date.....

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