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Re: Full frame vs iPhone 11 Pro

coso dp wrote:

Eh... I still still prefer having the RP with the RF 35. Or a M6II with a small prime.
My main subject is my 5 year old. My R, or an M6II will keep up with her in all situations. An iphone does not. If I want to PP and edit my photos, which I do when i want to make large prints... the phone definitely is not good enough.
If you are just snapping to make memories and such i agree with you.

Yes I can understand. I still think an iPhone is faster though. Do you always have the camera in hand and turned on?

Nope. But I generally do always have a camera with me. I pick and choose when to take something with the dedicated one or with the phone.

It's also better for memories. The iPhone automatically selects a series of pictures (it understands if it was a trip, a dinner, a special occasion etc.) and automatically creates "memories", small movies made possible by the Live Photos (small videos taken after and before every picture) with music and editing, all done by itself, which are really a gem. It's all so effortless.

eh... I have a lot of these recognition things turned off. I generally don’t trust corporations with their data mining. I also know that when it comes to phone images they are taken shared and generally forgotten. As such a vast majority of images that people take are noting but memories and “vanilla”.

If I take out the camera the purpose is clear... to make more of an effort than I would have with my phone. Also keeping track of the kids with a ILC is possible, while with an IPhone... generally not a chance.

Also when it comes to the whole telephoto thing. Took a bunch of photos of my kick at kick boxing. And the older one at horse back riding. The ILC was markedly better.

Just like with computers... laptops get good enough for most, but it doesn’t mean that a more dedicated and better system is not needed for power users. Like BIF, fast moving toddlers, sports, etc.. still ILC territory. And since phone makers tend to make phones more minimalistic, and not camera ergonomic-centric... I think you what what I mean.

Can you get higher quality videos and pictures with any dslr or mirrorless? Of course, especially if you will print the pictures big (I don't), but it's just so much work.

I used to love spending hours editing my photos when I was young, now I just want to focus on taking nice pictures and having great memories. I guess I'm just getting old.. (I'm 40).

what is that supposed to mean? I am 37. I used to take a long time editing images too, but I am good enough now that I only need few seconds to a minute for most.

With that said, you just can't beat the bokeh of a 50/85mm prime on a full frame, and I still use my RP for fun sometimes. It's just less frequent than before.


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