Full frame vs iPhone 11 Pro

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Photography, my unvarnished opinion.

CanonIsAwesome wrote:


opinions welcome seems todays phones are getting pretty good.

Since your opinion here is pretty vague I’m going to assume you aren’t vested in any particular position.  Don’t mistake this for a “No true photographer” fallacy as I am happy to acknowledge anyone who takes a picture with any camera can be considered a photographer and/or artist and even a good one.

Smartphone cameras are hot garbage.  Even the ones with AI junk enhancing them to look like a smoking dumpster instead of a raging dumpster fire. And I say this unironically as someone who has over 4,000 images on my phone...mostly cat, food, and random junk.

Phone cameras only shine in comparison to my old LG flip phone from 2004 or no camera at all.  They are improving and it’s pretty impressive what they can squeeze from a tiny sensor.  Still, they suck.  I have a bicycle that can move me around and I love it, but I don’t delude myself into thinking it’s as useful as my car.

A camera with a lens is a far better tool.  I’m saying better about its value as a tool, not saying a phone camera is a horrible tool.  The phone is just extremely limited despite its convenience and omnipresence in society.

This is a photography website in a full frame Canon forum.  Anyone who loves phone cameras and thinks the R isn’t worth having should be careful to not let the door hit them on the way out as they go find some place with people who think the rest of us are wasting our money.

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