Full frame vs iPhone 11 Pro

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Re: Full frame vs iPhone 11 Pro

coso dp wrote:

I use my RP for work (designer here, not 100% photographer). If I had to travel for fun or for everyday pictures I would definitely only use an iPhone 11 Pro. The fake bokeh is good enough, as the three focal lengths, all in your pocket, super fast, and ready to be used online. I won't carry a DSLR with lenses for pleasure anymore. I still love my full frame pictures but the convenience of a good phone is just too much better.

Eh... I still still prefer having the RP with the RF 35. Or a M6II with a small prime. 
My main subject is my 5 year old. My R, or an M6II will keep up with her in all situations. An iphone does not. If I want to PP and edit my photos, which I do when i want to make large prints... the phone definitely is not good enough. 
If you are just snapping to make memories and such i agree with you.

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