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NormSL2 wrote:

I am on firm 1.1.1 and using Transcend UHS-I 64GB and 128GB v30 SD cards shooting RAW + fine JPG.

  • 2.5 seconds Buffer chokes
  • 24 seconds to clear

I am looking into some UHS-II cards to bring down my wait time for the buffer to clear. Not because I am machine gunning in indiscriminately, but after shooting several short bursts in quick succession the buff chokes and its time to wait.

I am really enjoying this camera. In a recent post I suggested I was disappointed in the purchase but 10k photos later, that has changed.

Hi. I assume you are talking about the 90D? The reasoning behind your long buffer is because you are using a relatively slow SD card.

Let me begin by saying that no card is going to increase your buffer too much. It will still stop after about 2.5 seconds when shooting RAW bursts and a little more when shooting CRAW bursts. There really is no noticeable change in the number of shots you can take before the buffer fills when you shoot RAW, though you do get quite a few more shots if you use a fast UHS-II card and shoot CRAW.

I can give you two suggestions that are extremely good for the 90D in my opinion.

Your first option would be the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s UHS-I card. This SanDisk UHS-I card will cut your buffer wait-time from 24 seconds to about 12 seconds. That’s indeed a massive cut! Be aware to not buy the newer, more expensive ones that have “170MB/s” written on them because the write speed is exactly the same as the “95MB/s” version and your read speed increases to 170MB/s only if you use their SanDisk branded proprietary SD Card reader, otherwise the read speed is 95MB/s so you will see absolutely no difference between the two except for paying more for the 170MB/s version.

Your other option would be to buy a UHS-II card but these are more expensive, sometimes up to 5 times more expensive than UHS-I versions of the same capacity. The best value you will get is going to be from the Transcend 700S UHS-II card as this card is much less expensive than other UHS-II cards but it delivers one of the highest write speeds in this camera. Going to this Transcend UHS-II card will decrease your buffer wait-time by another 5 or so seconds so it will clear in around 7 seconds.

Also, be aware that buffer wait-times are very dynamic as many factors dictate file size and how long it takes for the buffer to fill. These include how full the card is, what the ISO is, how much detail the scene has, whether it is shot in RAW or CRAW, the burst speed (3fps, 7fps,10fps,11fps), the camera temperature, noise reduction and other settings, etc.

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