NX lenses and the NX1

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Re: NX lenses and the NX1

Samsung NX line, especially NX1, will keep the price as new since now, 5 years later, there is no camera to outperform ALL NX1 specifications.  Ergonomics included.
Seems that Samsung had a too long shot into the future, nobody belived.

There are new cameras which outperform SOME specifications, fps, CAF, internal recording, but not all. And YES, NX1 mechanics parts, buttons, dials, are weak...

Personal I feel that most missing on NX1 is his too small internal memory, it seems to be an SSD, so if it was 1T-2T it was able to record CinemaDNG... probably 14 bits 4-4-4...
And they still can do it easy (SoC has two PCIe lanes unused), so a small hardware mod and certainly some firmware update could still blow any camera currently on market.

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