A9 II owners - can you verify this behavior?

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Re: A9 II owners - can you verify this behavior?

Karafuru wrote:

Gary Friedman wrote:

Hi. Both the original A9 and the RX100 VII (same sensor technology) exhibited the behavior described below, and I'm wondering if the A9 II behaves the same way. Here's the description:

With the drive mode set to continuous (any speed), and shutter type set to Auto, a user is unable to set a shutter speed slower than 1/8th of a second in M or S exposure mode. One must change the shutter type to "Mechanical" to choose a slower speed.

(I would expect a camera to AUTOmatically switch to Mechanical Shutter when required - in this case when choosing a shutter speed slower than 1/8th of a second).

Thanks in advance for being able to confirm or deny this!

-Gary Friedman

Now I haven't programmed in ages...but I suspect it's because they created different continuous shooting speeds for the mechanical vs auto (mechanic + electronic) see picture below.

They set the lowest fps in auto/mechanical to 5fps or 0.20 of a second. The theorical lowest shutter speed then is 1/5 for 0.20 second but that is physically impossible. So the next value would be 1/6 of a second and any engineer would leave a safety net so 1/8 of a second. In theory you would get a lower limit with the mechanical shutter since it goes down to 2.5fps. Now for why they called it auto, it is referring to the upper limit since over 5fps they would need to switch to electronic. You wouldnt refer to the auto in terms of the lower limit as they choose to make the shutter speed a subset of the FPS as a function based on thier manual above. Disclaimer: all conjecture based around some (faulty) logical thoughts. Edit: As for why they didn't just give the auto/electronic the same treatment as the mechanical? Different teams that programmed it

Good hunch, but you can go down to 30" (the slowest shutter speed available) even on Continuous Hi as long as you have mechanical shutter selected.

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