Sony A7R IV Sensor Dust Magnet?

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Re: Sony A7R IV Sensor Dust Magnet?

SilvanBromide wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

...Really hope future Sony bodies implement a sensor protection feature, similar to and better than Canon did in EOS-R that closes shutter (sensor door) everytime when turning off the camera.

The Canon idea is interesting, but as I've said, I'm not altogether convinced. I have two reasons for my reservations.

One is that dust that might otherwise have lodged on the sensor will presumably lodge on the shutter instead - and will likely end up on the sensor with the first subsequent shutter actuation.

The other reservation I have is not so much about dust as about the potential for damage to the very fine leaf mechanism of the shutter itself, which I suspect is more vulnerable to disturbance or damage than the sensor is (and the shutter being closer to the mount, it's presumably more likely to come into contact with fingers or lenses etc).

I haven't had an opportunity to use the EOS-R, so I don't know how these aspects pan out in practice. Have you had hands-on with it, and if so do you feel that either or both of these reservations are without foundation?

I have found it be a positive without any negatives. Had the camera now for about a year.

I think Sony should implement it on their cameras unless its protected by a patent.


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