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I'll keep buying DSLRs, I've invested a lot of money on those lenses. I don't want to start over again, and the Canon RF mount lenses are really expensive right now. I know there are adapters but that kind of defeats the point of a smaller camera system.

There are advantages of moving to a mirrorless system. One big one is the complete lack of a need to perform that damned MFA drill for each lens. Not really about a huge size advantage, really.

The battery life is a big turn-off for me.

what is your personal experience with milc?

i've gotten up to 3700 shots on one a9 battery, pushing af-c pretty hard, some chimping in the evf, 15fps, with a 600mm zoom lens... and there was still some battery left.

with the a9 and its electronic shutter, there is no mechanical shutter motor, no flapping mirror motor, no separate af module, no need for the rear lcd screen, etc... those things add up.

I have gotten over 1000 at an air-show on FZ-2500 using some of the same precautions.

Not using LCD and often "manual" focus, (but I was using the high EVF refresh-rate because of "moving" subjects).

were you chimping much? or going into the menu? those things can be hard on milc battery life.

"I just completed a series of shots with the a9 over 3 days:

Electronic shutter (1/400 - 1/2500 seconds)
Continuous AF, medium spot
Continuous high drive speed (20 fps)
Sony 100-400 G lens
Sony 1.4x TC
OSS and IBIS off
EVF, standard
I made about 7500 exposures. The battery was fully charged at the beginning. At the end, it was down to 42%. I did not chimp.

Pretty impressive."


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