Problems with DXO Photo Lab 1

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Re: Problems with DXO Photo Lab 1

Searching wrote:

sankos wrote:

I had a somewhat similar issue with Photolab 2 when running it on Win 8.1. The splashcreen would show up and the application hang. I had to kill the DxO process in Task Manager. Then I'd start the program again and it would start and work normally until I rebooted the system. Then I had to do the 2-step start-up again.

The problem stopped as soon as I moved to Win 10.

I'm in windows 10 now.

Yes, but I did a clean Win 10 install when transitioning (I had done a Macrium system backup before proceeding).

I notice that when I download the software after erasing everything, it reinstalls in Program files and not Program files x64. I have a 64 bit PC. Not even sure if that makes a difference.

Anyone know if that is the way its supposed to download?

The 64-bit DxO installer should install it in the Program Files folder.

After you install, start up the program, give it some time to start up and invoke the Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) and click "More details". If there are DxO processes, right-click them and close. Then start the program again, maybe it'll work like it did for me...

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