Problems with DXO Photo Lab 1

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Re: Problems with DXO Photo Lab 1

Searching wrote:

Didn't use it for a while. Using Windows 10 64bit. Clicked on the shortcut icon about two weeks ago and the Photo Lab log on screen appeared and then disappeared and nothing happened, wouldn't open, no error messages, nothing.

Support said to erase all DXO files and downloand the app Photo Lab 1 program again.

Went through the process and exact same thing happened again.

Support said to down load and send them all kinds of crash logs, download another program to detail the crash and to copy and send all kinds of files which they would have their development team look at.

I think they are just trying to get rid of me as a customer because its PhotoLab1. Support doesn't reply to the tickets you submit in a timely fashion. I had to submit 3 tickets waiting before I got their final reply. I give up. I wont buy any DXO products again. I can't be the only person who has had this problem.

Does anyone know of any solutions? Thank you.

I've never had a problem in the years I've used DxO's stuff. But if I had your problem, and I had no backup to restore (which is not going to happen), I would:

Make a backup so I could always get back to where I started in case I messed something else up while trying the below procedures.

Use Windows' uninstall function on the PhotoLab install.

Delete every DxO-or-PhotoLab named file and folder I could find in the usual programs' folders.

Delete every DxO-or-PhotoLab named registry key I could find.

Reinstall PhotoLab and hope for the best.

Last resort: I'd make sure I had all my data saved on an external drive, then clean-install Windows 10 on the main drive, then reinstall everything.

Good luck with whatever you do.

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