Is Leica for you?

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Re: Is Leica for you?

Pixel boy wrote:

Just curious as to the type of Photographers that use Leica?

I have had a live hate relationship with the M10 for a few months and now own the Sony a7r IV, but it doesn't have the emotional connection that the Leicas provide.

Am I correct in thinking that the rangefinder is aimed mainly at street photography so the whole experience is aimed at people who enjoy the refined and deliberate approach to taking very specific types of photography?

I love the Leica cameras as they make photograhy feel a special experience But (for some) there are many limitations and it appears that the limitations placed on the photographer will depend on what you photograph?

I am sure for some a M240 or M10 or Q will be their weekend camera but for others it will be there only camera and will provide nice images with a pleasurable click!

For me it's a pity they don't do an interchangeable Q2, but then again that diminish the whole appeal of Leica?

Why does Leica appeal to you, please share your thoughts and experiences

Pixel Boy

Depends, if you worry about how others look at you and your gear then probably not a good choice.

If you view your gear as just tools that you use to make photographs then quite possibly.

If you pick up your gear and feel inspired yup.

Personally I will use anything depending on the situation I wish to photograph. I just picked up a new cell phone, my plan gave me a free one. I got it because of how well the camera worked and not whether the phone itself was any good. It was a Huawei P20, before this I had an LG G5 again because it had a great camera.

I've photographed with M gear since the early 80's and the nice part with upgrading to an M10 was that I could continue to use my selection of lenses, I had tried a number of M to X adaptors and never really liked how it felt/worked. As someone else mentioned it's the lenses and I agree.

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