fastest way to offload pics from sd card to ssd WITHOUT LAPTOP

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Re: fastest way to offload pics from sd card to ssd WITHOUT LAPTOP

mamallama wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

I tried a number of these "all-in-one" download devices and was amazed at the horrible slowness of the transfer from the SD card, even those professing to have USB 3. When out for full day, 300-400 images would not be unheard of and that slow copy rate was a deal breaker.

Finally I sent them all back and bought myself a small 11" Lenovo Windows laptop that weighs about 2.5 lbs, and fits easily in the back pocket of my camera bag or into my carry on. It has enough power for running my Olympus Workspace software for culling out images at the days end, and has USB C for fast transfer from the SD card to my small external hard drive. Cost me about $250. My bigger laptop stays home, now.

I too use a small 11" Lenovo laptop for portable SD transfers on the road. I paid $160 for a refurbished one with a SD card reader and 2 USB ports. I keep 2 high capacity small flash drives in the USB ports that act like external drives. This is a conventional setup and to me is better than those other specialized devices like WD Passport droves.

Moreover the laptop is useful in so many other ways.

Yes, much what has been said about JUST using cards.   Most likely the best way to go.

Intend to get a small laptop (13" Acer) and don't have to haul my Lenovo furniture.  It would be super reliable plus it would allow me to do other things like checking weather, reservations, transport, reviewing photos (no edits) and myriad of other uses.  I don't use cell enroute, so this is crucial.  Small WD drives are super handy and great for replicating images enroute.

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