Orion 135mm Widefield

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OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

DMcGarvey wrote:

A fairly wide view of central Orion shot with a Nikon D750 + Rokinon 135mm f/2 lens at f/2 and ISO 1600. 22 x 180" exposures. Shot in the pre-dawn hours of 10/24/19 from my home in rural central Pennsylvania, USA under Bortle class 4 skies. Many of Orion's well-known nebulae are captured including a lot of the surrounding dust.

M42 is blown out...I should have captured a few shorter exposures to blend in. Oh well - next time.

Clear skies everyone!

I love the details- is the light pollution there similar to what you can find in the Poconos, a county north of Allentown? I am going there and want to see if it's better than what I have on western Long Island, just east of NYC!

Also, what's the right focal length lens to use to include Betelgeuse and Sirius in the same FOV? And what about just for the entire constellation of Orion? Thanks!

Thanks!  Yes, based on a light pollution map I would say the lp is about the same as the Poconos area.  It's listed as Bortle level 4 here and looks about the same for that area.  I'm sure it's gotta be better than anywhere close to NYC!  Using a full-frame camera, you should be able to fit Orion in a lens in the 50-85mm range.  To include Sirius in the same FOV, you might need something pretty wide like 35mm.

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