Z50 with S lenses - no IBIS, no VR

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Re: Z50 with S lenses - no IBIS, no VR

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No IBIS, THE SKY IS FALLING! How did real photographers survive without it?

Real photographers don't need it. But since when would any real photographer buy an entry-level APS-C camera these days. A current prices the Z6 makes the Z50 look like an expensive toy -- the Z50 is still way too expensive for what it offers.

Comparing used prices to new prices always will...

Kinda surprising that Nikon hasn't (apparently) factored that in...releasing a (arguably overpriced) Z50 at the same time they extend discounts on their much, much more capable Z6. Doesn't make any sense, unless I'm completely misjudging the Z50 market.

Even with discounts on the Z6, there is still a very substantial price difference.

Z6 w/ FTZ - $1700

Z6 w/ 24-70 and FTZ - $2300

Z50 - $860

Z50 w/ FTZ - $960 *

Z50 w/ 16-50 - $1000

Z50 w/ 16-50 and FTZ - $1100 *

Z50 w/ 16-50 and 50-250 - $1200

Z50 w/ 16-50 and 50-250 and FTZ - $1300 *

* Assuming 60% off FTZ.

Very much so, at one point I thought about jumping the gun to a Z6 instead of a Z50, but  in reality the cost is almost 3x more , 2300 + $120 XQD + 150 battery.

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