90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

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Re: 90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

thomste wrote:

Played a bit more with my 90D in the last couple of weeks and overcame a few of the initial challenges I had with focusing and proper exposure.

I find that +1/3 or 2/3 is usually necessary when I tended to go -1/3 on the 80D. I still find BIF challenging but most probably due to my technique and the Tamron may be being a bit slow or off AF wise. I use 9 points AF and weirdly the lens (or camera?) sometime picked the sky slightly above the bird (in the same 9 points group) rather than the bird....im not sure how to deal with this other than using a single focus point but then it makes catching the bird almost impossible...

Also, how do you guys use the joystick and back button focus at the same time? I like the joystick but had to revert to make the shutter do the focusing too.

Anyway, here is an example of a good shot I got in the garden tonight. ISO5000 cleaned with Topaze Denoise AI (which is amazing) then edited in LR

Anybody else using the Tamron 150-600 g2 for BIF?

I also use the same setup (90D + tamron G2) and find your pic really nice. Do you clean the rawfile before import to LR or how do you combine those two programs? Heard about Topaze but never tried it.

I also find BIF quite difficult and are traing on my teqniqe. I also ordered the tap in since I think it misses focus to often (more miss on longer distance).

This far I havent tried out both joystick and backbutton since I mostly shot at bif and then used one of the centerfocuspoints and didnt moved them around.

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