What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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Re: What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

I had the LX100 until it got dust, and still miss the easy use, so now i am trying out the old GX5 (which is cheap:) and find that it is about the same size as the LX100, fits in a jacket pocket and has a useful rotating screen which can be folded to protect, forcing use of the viewfinder, which is just big enough to be useful, although nothing compared to a “real” viewfinder as on my lovely Fuji XT1

The new GX1(iii) has the exact same cute formfactor as the old GX5, and its aperture is bad, so there is no much won in lowlight, whereas the LX100 has better aperture offsetting the sensor size difference - the important thing is actually the new weather sealing on the GX1iii, which should secure it against dust as well as rain, making it truly pocketable, I still don’t trust the Panasonic in this, a pity they couldn’t make the LX100 weathersealed

The new LX100 (ii) does has a more natural JPG rendering, so that would be good to check out, could be the most important change since it is otherwise the same as the old LX100 with just a new chipset and sensor.

With a bigger sensor it is new possible to have a decent digital 2x zoom, thus both LX100(ii) and GX1(iii) would have a good 150mm crop, and i would absolutely have 2x digital zoom activated for being able to frame and get correct metering at this, i would be more hesitant about using this zoom on the GX5 models, they anyhow go to 100mm, so that is fine

My final takeout is that there is a model missing in this segment, either a GX1 with better aperture or a weathersealed LX100 with tilt screen, plus of course a new non-rainbow viewfinder, i do believe that they are too busy making the ILC to bother about this, and Nikon caused endless frustration by promising the DL18-50 and never delivering, could have been an amazing tool to have in the pocket, a true wideangle compact...

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