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Well, its not the sensor size that will affect the DOF, but rather the difference in focal length of lenses in this case. ISuppose you want to capture a 24mm FF-equivalent frame of view. A smaller sensor (1” or smaller), will have to use a tiny focal length in order to give you the 24mm FF-equivalent image. But, since you are not actually using a lens with 24mm focal length--- probably something like 6-8mm lens on a small sensor camera to get the same frame of view as a 24mm lens on a FF camera, your DOF is increased. So, the short answer to your question is YES, a small sensor camera will help you in this scenario, but not because of sensor size, rather the difference in focal lengths of lenses.

Yes, that I knew. I was just referring to cameras that give the same field of view. The ones with a small sensor will always give a greater depth of field with the same field of view. I also realize that a small sensor with a high pixel density will add some noise,. The object is to get a low-noise, large depth of field with acceptable resolution. I may have to get my hands on a 1" sensor camera to find out for sure.

... You will be surprised with 1" sensor results

At the price they're charging for them, they should, LOL.

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