What if Nikon Did the Impossible?

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Yes, but whilst Nikon Z won't get all those switching to FF MILC from F-mount systems, without the Z line, they wouldn't get any.

Very true, just recently upgraded my micro 4/3 setup with a z6 and the key argument was the unmatched quality of the 4/24-70 and 1.8/50. Sony with all its zeiss glass beaten!

I used to have nikon long before (AF-s 1.4/50, D7000), but this is simply another world. Nikon realized, that to convince anyone, they need to show really impressive optics.

History has taught us many times that the better or slightly better product doesn't guarantee a win or infact even survival. Take vhs vs beta max. Betamax was better than VHS in a number of ways. The tapes were smaller and the recorders were able to reproduce colour better than their rivals. They were also not unthreaded from the heads during fast-forward and rewind, which meant the Betamax decks responded better, returning to play or fast-forward quicker than VHS.

Betamax also had a nifty trick that enabled 'bookmarking' at certain parts of the tape. Called APS, or Auto Programme Search, it was possible because the tape was always in contact with the play head. Essentially, the recorder put an electronic marker on the tape. When APS mode was engaged during fast-forward, the player would stop the tape at the start of each recording, negating the need to keep stopping the tape, pressing play to see where you were and then forwarding some more. But guess what it failed. Poor support from hardware companies etc kept the prices too high and the inferior VHS format won because of it. Just because nikon's new mount allows for this or that means nothing with out the sales figures which it simply lacks.

AIWA came first, with a B&W system using 1/4" tape on reels. Portable, the size of a ladies' handbag.

Sony launched Betamax and wanted everyone to join them. JVC refused and developed VHS on its own.

Philips V2000 system was even better in almost every way but didn't survive. A highly refined system, with five motors transporting the tape, using heads that micro-adjusted themselves as to be perfectly adjusted visa vi the tracks on the tape. Very much later deluxe versions of VHS players used a system inspired by this.
Betamax cassettes can still be bought and will be around as long as tape cassettes are used professionally to record movies, TV, and sound.

Often the simple designs is the way to huge profit margins, so simple design looking sophisticated, that's the winning ticket. Apple has a 40% profit margin on every item they sell; if that can't be upheld, the product is withdrawn from the market. No matter how well it is liked by the customers.

Going back to cameras, MILC, is by design utterly simple, compared to DSLRs. LensRentals disassembled an early Sony and found a hundred, or so parts, in all, while a similar DSLR had a few thousands.

So the lure for the manufacturer is huge, and for the customers as well. For the customers a smaller, lighter camera, for the manufacturer huge profit margins if it sells well.

Leica sells class, so everything is top-notch: buttons, body finish, lenses, customer service, and price.

That's another way to do it.

i used to work on broadcast gear before the 1/2" systems came out. So i have seen all of them until the demise of the tapes. The early systems used 1" open reels much like the early audio reels. there was a few different styles of tape wrap, most not suited to autoloading.

Sony had the market with the portable Umatic system, a 3/4" tape and cartridge system that was repeated in the Beta. Nobody ever challenged that.

The first Philips only had 1 spool in the cassette which was a disaster as it needed to be fully rewound to change it, huge mistake HUGE. It also used a string to pull the mechanism into the load position, it broke regularly. Thank god it died a fast death. Phillips never got into the game here after that.

The double spool 2000 came after the VHS and beta

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