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Using a flash is challenging because although it doesn't frighten this fish to an extreme, the images don't look realistically when the light is being bounce off the front of the fish (very reflective scales) vs coming from above, like it would from aquarium lights. I've experimented with this for years with tens of thousands of images and the best ones are with light from above that is bright enough. It's getting it bright enough without freaking out the fish that is the challenge. Part of that is because the aquariums are kept on the darker side on purpose.

I've done a little research into the methods I used ... the flashgun(s) were "face-up" in the aquarium hood, above the splash-guard, effectively in the same space as the normal aquarium lights, with diffusers fitted and the power settings adjusted to give just enough light for a good exposure. Nett result was very similar to the lighting from the aquarium lamps (flourescent tubes in my case), but the colour balance needed some tweaking in the darkroom ... it'd be a lot easier with Photoshop and a digital image! The flashguns would have been suitably waterproofed in plastic bags

Unfortunately, this is a hatchery situation with no hoods on the tanks. I've tried setting the flashes on a diffuser sitting on top of the tanks, but it's still too harsh.  I may have to try building a custom light box to bounce the flash off.

Here's an example of light from above, without flash. As you can see, I can't even get the whole fish in focus easily. Getting multiple fish in focus is all but impossible.

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