Initial tests of the Noct 58/0.95

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Flat view
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Initial tests of the Noct 58/0.95

I had the chance to get me paws on this lens.

First try with the beast turned out to be a positive experience!
Wickedly sharp from the start block and as the opening got smaller it only improved.
Bokeh as beautiful as one can wish for.

First shot is to test the plane of focus at ca. 2m. Pretty flat!

Bokeh at min focus distance (0.5m). We're still talking f/0.95.
I can't spot any concentric pattern.

No bloomy 0.95 aberrations either (see the handlebar).

First shot outdoors (1m), second one indoors (with 100% crop) at the same distance. There is a bit of LoCA but nothing I would be bothered with, say like the LoCA found with the venerable neo-noct 58/1.4G.

More material to come...

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Flat view
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