How many actually print larger than a 4x6 if at all?

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Re: How many actually print larger than a 4x6 if at all?

marksee wrote:

I'm generally only interested in this forum. I find I can reach as many or more people here as I can in any other forum, so I stick to the one I follow and the forum people I read the most. Besides Powershot users is who I directed my question to as they use small cameras. Hope you can sleep better now.

This is your comment.....

With all of the discussions in these forums about comparing cameras and specs I'm wondering why, since I believe most don't even print. Maybe just share with family and online.

Notice you said these forums... but if you're only talking about the Powershot forum then I'd be curious to know what data or what references you're using to conclude that Powershot users want more resolution?

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