Can't get mail to sync to iCloud

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Re: Can't get mail to sync to iCloud

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If your mail account is using IMAP, you will not need to export/import mailboxes. Once the mail account is set up on the new Mac, it will sync across from your mail provider.

Yes it is using IMAP. I took screen shots of all the accounts so I will do that first. As a backup I tried Time Machine but it would not show the archives using the mail page. Did some searching and if you open TM with finder - HD - Users - Library - Mail and then open the V folder all the mailboxes are there. I can just restore them but it sounds like what you described will just work automatically. I like the easy button.


Just called my service provider about a question. I told them what I was doing and they advised me to call them to help me set up the mail accounts on the new mac. This is getting better all of the time.

As all your Mac is synched with iCloud, all you would need to do is set up iCloud on the new iMac and all your settings for mail, photos and bunch of other stuff will just sync. You may to enter some passwords, but that's it.

I did all this when I bought a new Mac away from home and everything just synched after entering my iCloud details.

Synching mail take a while, depending on internet speed and volume of mail.

You won't need their help or your Time Machine backup either. Don't delete it though!!

Once you have set up your user account on your new iMac and entered your iCloud details, all you have to so is sit back and wait. All your iCloud will sync and mail account settings will be synched as well. You will just have to enter your mail account password when asked. That's it.

You will have to install any apps that you want, that won't be done automatically.

It's so simple, it's silly.

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