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Re: Capture One Upgrade. Paid for or Free?

Photosynthetic Bioluminescence wrote:

SatoriGFX wrote:

Photosynthetic Bioluminescence wrote:

Q: I have a Capture One Pro Fuji / Sony 12 perpetual license and I want to upgrade it to Capture One Pro 12 full version. Do I get a free upgrade to Capture One Pro 20?

A: Yes. Just log in to the upgrade store...

Seems self explanatory. And it’s what I just did. I had purchased the Fujifilm Pro version on sale a month or so ago. Yesterday I upgraded to the “full” Pro version using a 10% off coupon and I received an activation code for V20 when it is released.

It states free upgrade to Capture One Pro 20 "full version" from Capture One Pro Fuji 12

You're reading it wrong. It says to pay to upgrade your Sony/Fuji Pro to the FULL version and you will, in turn, get a free upgrade to V20 when it comes out. And that

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