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Re: Capture One Upgrade. Paid for or Free?

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Did anybody use the early update 20% off from their mail to existing customers.

It's Euro 103 for the upgrade to Sony and Fuji Pro 20 and Euro 127 for Capture One Pro 20. Is the Euro 127 for a cross update from Fuji Sony Pro to the unlimited Pro Version or only for previous owners of their unlimited Pro Version.

Their normal price for a cross update is $200. I don't see these offers when I access my account under offers.

With all this recent phishing, I don't like click through offers. Anybody else got this mail ?

I've had the same e-mail as well. It's not some fishing scheme. I haven't bought the upgrade just yet though as I don't know what new features and improvements there are. Use OCT-AF-P89 for another 10% discount by the way.

But the upgrade price from Sony to full isn't that far apart anymore. And if you can use a VAT ID and the discount code for me the full, non-Sony version, would only be € 94,46. So far I've only been shooting Sony, so no need for more camera brands, but you'll never know :-).

I am just puzzled why this offer is not in my account under specials or offers based on my existing license. I think the offer for unlimited pro for all cameras is just for owners of the same C1 12 license, and not intended as a Fuji pro or Sony pro cross update to unlimited pro for all cameras.

I expect it to be just like that. The offer is only visible through the link from the email.

Per the FAQ:

Q: I purchased Capture One 12 before 23/10. Can I get the upgrade for free as well?

A: No, but we offer a 20 % discount on upgrades to Capture One 20 if you pre-order. If you bought Capture One 12 within the last month, you will have received a discount that you can also use on your order.

* Please, make sure, that you are pre-ordering an upgrade for the version, you already own (i.e. if you have a Capture One Pro Fuji 12, you can only pre-order a Capture One Pro Fuji 20, you can not preorder a Capture One Pro 20).

Just below your quoted Q/A, how do you interpret the next Q/A from that link?

Q: I have a Capture One Pro Fuji / Sony 12 perpetual license and I want to upgrade it to Capture One Pro 12 full version. Do I get a free upgrade to Capture One Pro 20?

A: Yes. Just log in to the upgrade store...

Seems self explanatory. And it’s what I just did. I had purchased the Fujifilm Pro version on sale a month or so ago. Yesterday I upgraded to the “full” Pro version using a 10% off coupon and I received an activation code for V20 when it is released.

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