18-150mm vs 40mm 2.8 STM - not good for the 18-150

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Re: 18-150mm vs 40mm 2.8 STM - not good for the 18-150

Andy01 wrote:

kb1dqh wrote:

Final conclusion! I returned my 18-150 and got a new copy. I really think it's a lot better. Take a look here. These are all crops based on the same original scene in the first post.

18-150 original copy

18-150 new copy

Lesson: There are copy variations in the 18-150. I think the new one is much better than before and, although not as good as the primes, not as different as before.

It certainly does look sharper.

I would say though that the comparison is close to worthless because they were taken at different settings.

It should probably not come as a huge surprise that the faster shutter speed (still not fast, but faster) produces sharper results.

Repeat your test under the same conditions with identical settings (to the original) and post those results - then we will truly see what the difference is. Hopefully it is still just as sharp.


No use. The original shutter speed is way too long to reliably test sharpness. Even on a tripod. There could have been a slight vibration in the floor. You need to make the test again with much faster shutter speeds, but that is impossible now when the old lens is returned.

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