This Month Through Your Adapted Lenses -- October 2019 -- Part 2

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Re: This Month Through Your Adapted Lenses -- October 2019 -- Part 2

backsidewalkaround wrote:

fferreres wrote:

Much better than in the US. The "helicopter parenting" article was published in the USA, and mention as contrast...Germany. It compared for example, summer camps and other activities children can do since early age without the parents being there. I also have friends from Spain, it's the same thing. They are allowed to not be supervised 24/7 in the same way here.

I guess I'm lucky then. I would find it very hard not to be able to let do some stuff more or less alone.

You are. And I don't complain. It just is staggering how much you really need to helicoper them.

That's my biggest problem also. I'd sell about half without much hesitation, if the price were about right. But it takes a lot of patience and work to regain your investment.

I do have patience, but I'm less and less motivated to try again and again. It's hard, I feel you.

I might sell at a loss. But if it's an expensive lens (+$250), I'd sell myself.

I love them. So far, I only tried 58mm FL, both f1.8 and f1.4. I think the f1.4 is now my favorite 58MM lens. It has the best handling, focusing, it has good vintage character in it but at the same time it renders in such a modern, clear way. I have a 25mm and a 100mm coming, and may add a 35mm later (I want the Preset semi-auto version).

The 100 is the best of (my) bunch. It's simply superb. The 35 needs quite a bit of stopping down to be sharp to the edges, but in any case: sharpness is overrated (at least when you're using alt glass.

Can't way to try it! I think 100mm is better if you jump from 58mm. I really like the "older" FL a lot, 35,58,100.

The Nikkon S-mount 2.5/105 (a solo Sonnar lens in rangefinder mount, in a FL that I don't think has any equivalent Contax lens) is the only Japanese vintage that I will keep.

There's the Contax 2/100 Planar which is stellar, but big. If you don't mind the shorter FL, the G90 is even better, but a stop slower.

I'd love that one. I think it's Planar, unlike the 100/3.5 which also has excellent reputation (but it is the same design as the 2.8/85). But the 100/2...that's a typical legend a bit pricey.

I will need to decide on Minolta though. I really don't like the detail at 24MP, so I think I will like that even less when I move to higher res.

I had the 1.4/50 Rokkor-PG which was right up there with the Contax equivalent in terms of sharpness.

Actually, my thoughts are to be able to test the lenses with a 48 or 61MP camera. Some will benefit, some will how their limit was already reached. I won't expect all to be better, but the ones that really show no improvement may need to go.

For me 42 MP is enough to be able to do some cropping. A full 24MP image suffices easily. I will never need 61 MP on a full frame sensor. Maybe on Medium Format it makes more sense, but I believe that pixel size has a crucial impact on the visual quality of an image.

I don't need the 61MP. But if price is like 20% I may just go ahead and get that in a year or so, I think an A7R III or even II might be very good too. So far, the A7II is very ok, but I sometimes suffer with the crops.

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