90D - any reason why 85% review score has no 'award'?

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Re: 90D - any reason why 85% review score has no 'award'?

carla_francisco wrote:

The explanation in DPR's own words:

"We've created two new awards (Gold and Silver) to replace the retiring 'Recommended' and 'Highly Recommended' gongs. There are a couple of things to know about the awards:

  • They are not awarded to every camera, just those we feel deserve one
  • There is no direct link between the overall score and the awards: they are not given automatically to cameras reaching a certain threshold. Crucially a camera can get an award even if a camera with a higher overall score didn't.
  • In simple terms, a camera awarded a Silver is well worth considering whereas a Gold-rated one should be at or near the top of your list.

These awards are meant to be hard to achieve. If a new model raises the expected performance level for a class of camera, then that's the one you need to match to get a Gold. In other words, simply doing as well as a camera that got a Gold in the past may not be sufficient."


Which means the awards are totally subjective; which is fine because this isn't the camera Olympics or anything. When it comes down to it photography itself is a subjective art that is judged by personal preferences. I suppose judging the tools of the trade should be no different.

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