This Month Through Your Adapted Lenses -- October 2019 -- Part 2

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Re: This Month Through Your Adapted Lenses -- October 2019 -- Part 2

backsidewalkaround wrote:

fferreres wrote:

What beautiful pictures!

Thanks a lot :-).

Your kids have so much space to play. In here, especially in the US near any place that is more populated, you must be 24/7 looking at your children. They call it "Helicopter parenting". There is almost no choice as nothing is designed to give them more freedom.

It's not so easy to let them play outside either. Sure Germany is one of the safest countries in the world, but in the cities there's so much traffic, I hardly let my kids out to explore the neighborhood themselves either.

Much better than in the US. The "helicopter parenting" article was published in the USA, and mention as contrast...Germany. It compared for example, summer camps and other activities children can do since early age without the parents being there. I also have friends from Spain, it's the same thing. They are allowed to not be supervised 24/7 in the same way here.

One of the reasons why Minecraft is so popular is that the only place they can go out, and seek what would have been basic exploration and adventure, right now, is swiping in a screen.

My son loves to play minecraft too, if we would let him he'd play 24/7.

YOurs and mine could play all day and night then. I have to set strict limits

Topcor has made me look photography in a bit of a different light. I will be selling a host of lenses or gifting them. Maybe part of GAS is more "Gear exploration" itself. I am starting to realize the lenses, rendering, mechanics, and may move more to actually get more familiar with some.

I'm also trying to reduce the amount of lenses I have to settle for some or buy new, more expensive ones. On the other hand, they`re all handpicked and I find it hard to let them go at all. Still I'm trying to, but it's not easy to find people buying them for the prices I bought them for. I'm trying to get my money back, which works if you take your time and consider the average (with some you gain a little, with others you loose a little).

I have to let many free too. As I get more lenses, those not used seem a bit of a mental burden. The other thing is selling each takes a lot of time, is time consuming. And some have very low demand.

With regards to using manual focus with "moving subjects". I have the same "frustrations". But since I do have to watch and can't read a book or do anything else, I am stuck with it. And given the amount of light, AF doesn't work either, but I think AI tracking will change that soon.

AF on the A7R III works quite well, altough I've already had my difficulties photographing sports.

What I noticed is that after I practice, I develop instant reaction to Peaking clues, and I get to know exactly the distance shift in familiar apertures with certain twist of the focusing barrel. That is, I start to be able to track subjects if I practice enough with a lens, that I no longer have to think about it. But that only can be done with a few lenses and in certain apertures.

I can do that (using the peaking funcion in a quick manner), if I have a little time to settle in (find my spot from which I'm going to shoot). But if I need to run after my children and take a snap within the second, it doesn't work and more importantly I'm concentrated only on the focussing and not the situation, facial expression or even composition. It just doesn't work for several reasons some of which won't work with AF either, but it's easier and quicker. In some situations I might be able to take some pictures before the kids realize that they're being photographed.

Yes, it's more akin to bird shooting than portrait sessions!

I didn't really get if you like the Topcors so much that you're going to settle for them or if they were just a short episode in your quest for the lenses that need to be explored more in-depth.

I love them. So far, I only tried 58mm FL, both f1.8 and f1.4. I think the f1.4 is now my favorite 58MM lens. It has the best handling, focusing, it has good vintage character in it but at the same time it renders in such a modern, clear way. I have a 25mm and a 100mm coming, and may add a 35mm later (I want the Preset semi-auto version).

The Nikkon S-mount 2.5/105 (a solo Sonnar lens in rangefinder mount, in a FL that I don't think has any equivalent Contax lens) is the only Japanese vintage that I will keep. I will need to decide on Minolta though. I really don't like the detail at 24MP, so I think I will like that even less when I move to higher res.

Actually, my thoughts are to be able to test the lenses with a 48 or 61MP camera. Some will benefit, some will how their limit was already reached. I won't expect all to be better, but the ones that really show no improvement may need to go.

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