Which camera body and lens that you dont own would you most like to try out ?

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You can get the DMF experience "cheaply"


I've seen DMF being mentioned quite a few times. "Recent" DMF that is.

I'll be honest here, I'm probably wasting time suggesting this, as DPR users are usually obsessed with sensor performance rather than the actual shooting experience.

But for those willing to consider this advice, I seriously suggest to take a look at older DMF.

Sensor performance from those old, super selective CFA, CCDs is downright amazing.

It really, really is.

But I won't try to convince you about that.

Let's not waste energy focusing on sensor DR bla bla bla, at least not for now.

The shooting experience itself you get is reason enough to own these monsters.

The VF size, the shutter sound, the feeling of owning a "muscle car" of the camera world, the whole experience is massively satisfying.

A Hasselblad like the H3d-II 31 is not really that expensive anymore, and satisfies all your DMF needs for those not obsessed with 15 stops of DR.

Here's a shooting of mine back in 2012.

You can assume I'm having a blast from my smiles alone.


You want to go out of the boring mainstream and experience something entirely else without selling the house?

Try these out.

If you're a "good" light shooter, you'll never look back.

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

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