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Re: Two stages

windsprite wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

You've taken the picture, Maybe cropped a bit and maybe done some processing and you are pleased with the result. It looks great on the screen and will print to a decent size, maybe A4/letter. You hit the magnifying glass and sure enough noise is showing and maybe even some unpleasant artefacts none of which showed before you peeked closer. Do you care? Does it ruin your experience? Is it better never to pixel peep because whatever the camera you will always find something you don't like?

I work in two stages. First, I pixel peep before and after editing. I'm usually disappointed, no matter what camera I'm using (mainly a D850 right now), but it gives me insight on how to improve my technique.

Then I downsize the image to 50 percent. That takes care of most artifacts, and when it doesn't, I keep downsizing until it's flawless and I'm happy.


This is the most useful comment I've seen in this forum. It can turn a noisy otherwise good image into a great small print image or 4K image or greater still web image.

I do this often, it's part of my workflow and I'm very happy too.

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