What is the point of sample photos ?

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Looking at it the wrong way

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There are 10 photos each taken with a different camera..........they all seem in focus the detail is good... exposure is spot on...content fine . Question what camera was each photo taken with ?

If the answer is "how the hell could I know" Then what is the point of sample photos ?

If there is no way you can tell what camera is used to take a photo why are we so bothered with cameras ?

The goal is not pull up some photos and try to figure out what camera took it.

Sample images are there to show how a camera's characteristics apply to real world subjects. Some theoretical examples:

  • Camera A has noise patterns at high ISOs. So you look at sample pictures taken at high ISOs with real world subjects, and decide for yourself whether it's objectionable enough to be a deal breaker. 
  • Camera B has a weak (or no) AA filter. So you look at sample pictures with fine detail, taken with a sharp lens to see if there's moire, and decide whether you care.
  • Camera C has banding in certain modes with flickering lighting. So you look at sample pictures and see how objectionable it is at various sizes, and whether you care. 

In practice, artifacts on modern cameras tend to be minimal and triggered by corner cases. Reviews showcase these corner cases (often with editing to bring the artifacts out), because they'd otherwise not be noticed. Then, with this knowledge, we can look at sample images to determine whether we care.

Also for JPG users, they can get a sample of how the camera's processing interacts with certain subjects.

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