Chasing unnecessary perfection

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Re: Chasing unnecessary perfection

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Adrian Harris wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

You've taken the picture, Maybe cropped a bit and maybe done some processing and you are pleased with the result. It looks great on the screen and will print to a decent size, maybe A4/letter. You hit the magnifying glass and sure enough noise is showing and maybe even some unpleasant artefacts none of which showed before you peeked closer. Do you care? Does it ruin your experience? Is it better never to pixel peep because whatever the camera you will always find something you don't like?

Hi Trevor, with a couple of friends i started a Photography Nature Group last January. Our intention was to help people who like nature to improve their photographs and opportunities.

It is interesting to see how things have evolved over this period.

* some produce very 'arty' pictures, many of which are multiple exposure with overlays, effects and generally processed to the limit.

* the other extreme are those just enjoy seeing nature and want to record it.

* then for example we have those who just want good shots and pay through the nose for hides with fish in barrels just under the surface so they can achieve kingfisher diving images.

* members who travel the globe on mega expensive guided trips with pro Togs to tell them where to stick the tripod and what settings to use.

* but my favourite group are those who want to capture wildlife or flowers in their natural surroundings and improve to the point that their capture also looks beautiful.

Photography is certainly a very broad church.

PS. Since I got the em1-mk2 I not only don't pixel peep, I don't even bother working from RAW files!

... Yes I am rather pleased with it. It's my first camera that's far better than I am !

I had an interesting experience yesterday Adrian. Bearded Tits have been showing well at my local reserve and the word is out. Conditions yesterday were perfect, sunny and calm. I was there shooting BIFs and was surprised to see loads of photographers I'm often the only one. They were there for the Beardies which in the time that I was there didn't show very well certainly not for photographic purposes. I took a few hundred BIFs but as far as I saw most of the photographers took NO pics because their subject of choice didn't show, despite some excellent photo opportunities from the waders I was shooting.

Sounds like they just wanted to tick Beardies off their list!

I have only seen bearded tits once and that was at Ham Wall 2 years ago. What pretty little things they are.  Lucky you for having so many, hope you get some peace and splice soon so you can relax photographing them.

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Recent and not so recent pictures here

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