My new-to-me 1Ds Mark III

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Re: My new-to-me 1Ds Mark III

I have a 1Ds III and very recently purchased a 1Dx II.

The 1Ds III is a wonderful machine and I used it for 11 years. However, the number of stuck pixels is now significant and the authorised Canon repair centre gave it back to me saying they could not map any more out (I presume there is a limited number they can map out).

The 1Dx II is an even more wonderful machine. I love it. The internal level is particularly helpful to me because I use two TS-E lenses, sometimes hand-holding them which is notoriously difficult to get level with a shifted view. I also like the in-viewfinder electronic grid lines (without having to swap focusing screens), the expanded low noise capabilities for high ISO, and the lovely images it produces.

Lots of other minor things that add to this. Overall, I am glad I upgraded (even if I winced at the price because I am not a "pro" being paid for my pictures).

The only disappointment is the GPS - I've never ever got it to lock on to satellites and I've now turned it off as it's pretty much useless.

andyus08 wrote:

I also have 1Ds III and still use it for photographing pre-wedding or outdoor portrait. I still love the color of 1Ds III more than 5DIII which I also use for wedding. I don't know about 1Dx II, but I guess 1Dx II is probably better than previous generations. Anyone has both 1Ds III and 1Dx II, please share your experience.


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