This Month Through Your Adapted Lenses -- October 2019 -- Part 2

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Re: This Month Through Your Adapted Lenses -- October 2019 -- Part 2

backsidewalkaround wrote:

Beautiful kids, very nice shots, awesome lens.
I try to shoot my kids with manual glass too, but I've somewhat given up, because they hate to be photographed by me, so whenever I try to shoot like you did in your series, they'll take off to play somewhere else. There's no time for me to settle in nearby and start focussing on the spots they'll circle every once in a while - which in my experience is the only mode in which shooting manually at open (or near open) aperture will be successful. They're a little bit older than your girls, though (10 and 13), I think.
Concerning the Topcor lenses: I love them. The 1.4/58 has some magic, the 1.8/58 is sharp as a tack, the 3.5/58 Macro is very contrasty with nice bokeh, the 2.8/100 is near perfect in terms of sharpness and bokeh and the 3.5/135 is a great bargain for what it can do. They all produce nice colors, especially blue.

Here are some examples (without proof for their blue tonalities):

1.4/58 (at f/5.6)

3.5/58 Macro (open)

2.8/100 (at f/3.5)

3.5/135 (don't remember, my guess would be: at f/5.6).

What beautiful pictures!

Your kids have so much space to play. In here, especially in the US near any place that is more populated, you must be 24/7 looking at your children. They call it "Helicopter parenting". There is almost no choice as nothing is designed to give them more freedom.

One of the reasons why Minecraft is so popular is that the only place they can go out, and seek what would have been basic exploration and adventure, right now, is swiping in a screen.

Topcor has made me look photography in a bit of a different light. I will be selling a host of lenses or gifting them. Maybe part of GAS is more "Gear exploration" itself. I am starting to realize the lenses, rendering, mechanics, and may move more to actually get more familiar with some.

With regards to using manual focus with "moving subjects". I have the same "frustrations". But since I do have to watch and can't read a book or do anything else, I am stuck with it. And given the amount of light, AF doesn't work either, but I think AI tracking will change that soon.

What I noticed is that after I practice, I develop instant reaction to Peaking clues, and I get to know exactly the distance shift in familiar apertures with certain twist of the focusing barrel. That is, I start to be able to track subjects if I practice enough with a lens, that I no longer have to think about it.

But that only can be done with a few lenses and in certain apertures.

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