Samyang/Rokinon 18mm f2.8

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Luis M. Anibarro
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Re: Samyang/Rokinon 18mm f2.8

Heraisto wrote:

Luis M. Anibarro wrote:

And yes, it is possible to purchase it at the stated price within the European Union, from an official dealer, full 2 years warranty, the whole universe is more than just the piece of land you know.

I highly recommend to read my opinion about this lens again and try to understand it. I purchased and returned it from the very first official dealer in the EU.

I doubt there is a new 18mm Samyang to get for the stated price of 315€, unless it is a grey market one. In this case there would not be given any warranty from Samyang.

And about your last sentence: please do not project your own limited view on others.

I'm qualified to state my whole speech, since I have the lens, the payment proof, the invoice from an official retailer, and the official warranty from Robisa, Spain, which is the official importer in my country (all proofs available to the moderator).

You only have doubts (according to your own words)

One is the owner of his thoughts, but a debtor for his words.

Before you make any speech doubting other's statements, I suggest you to find evidences that may show you are in the right way. If you would have a look on my dpreview user profile, you'd see clues that show you what I'm stating, presuming you are familiarized with European Union taxes.

If you want to disclose your doubts you can use this two clues I've given, or claim the moderator. Your politeness does not deserve me to give them to you by now.

BTW, do you know where Tenerife is?

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