Chasing unnecessary perfection

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Re: Chasing unnecessary perfection

Tom Caldwell wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

Maybe not perfection. What the intended usage is, may determine taking the extra steps to insure a clean, sharp image at 100%

I display my images on the big screen 4K TV at my camera club meeting every week. We do a lot of bird photography here in South Florida and feather detail is a big thing. If the image looks good, the first reaction by the moderator of our sessions is to zoom in for that feather detail.....and if there is noise or artifacts it jumps right off the screen, every time.

So, you bet, before I embarrass myself in front of 50 or 60 other photographers, I'll Pixel Peep every one.

There is nothing like a critique by a peer group to sort out levels of care. That is why I avoid camera clubs like the plague so that I only compete with myself to my own lower standards. But I do try and improve but not in a direct peer group competitive manner.

I now that whilst I can compete with equipment levels dollar per dollar spent - I simply will never have the downright grunt, perseverance, and natural skills of others.

That is why I gave up golf - no matter how good the kit I just did not have the basic skills nor was I willing to put the effort into becoming a great - I had a business to run and I was better at doing that than I would ever become a golfer. I got paid real money by being good at my business - that satisfied my ego enough

Photography has become a fun thing for me and a solitary pursuit where I can please myself by setting my own standards and subject matter.

I think that I have improved my photography and I have no real need for further re-assurance.

Actually, it is not a competitive thing in the least, at my club. It is all about sharing our travel and photographic experiences. And yes, we all like to show our best work. But competition between members never is on the agenda.

I am also the cook in my house and I'll never put a meal on the table for my family that is not the best that I know how to make…….. nothing to do with competition, just wanting to share my best work with those I care about ….just like my images.

I also owned my own company and that strive to put the best product and service in front of my customers served me well for decades.....and I'm proud of it. I would never present a mediocre job to my clients, nor would I present a mediocre image to my photographic peers. YMMV

Sorry Gary it was not really aimed at you and I can understand that your club was not a competitive one, but others are, and I example golf which is all about ranking by performance and as some famous person said: “Golf is a good walk destroyed”. I am sure that I would enjoy being a member of your photography club.

I was a professional in my own business before I retired and also strove to look after my clients better than I looked after myself.

As a golfer and an amateur photographer I can relate to both. The challenge of golf is seeking perfection and never finding it. I’ve learned to enjoy the weather and friendship of my playing partners.  Some days I play very well and others I stink.  
In photography I’ve learned that people are going to criticize on forums like this but most aren’t any better than I am. If I enjoy photography and occasionally get a shot I really like I consider it a good day. It’s the food shots I make at both golf and photography that keep me enjoying both.

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