18-150mm vs 40mm 2.8 STM - not good for the 18-150

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Re: 18-150mm vs 40mm 2.8 STM - not good for the 18-150

As others have said, that's quite decent performance for a long-range zoom. I'm sure the equally cheap 50STM would also look considerably better than the 18-150 at 50mm at the same apertures. And the 22 looks better than the 18-150 at 22. It's much easier to make a sharp normalish prime than a long zoom with IS. You are paying for the enormous zoom range and IS, not for prime sharpness. If you want prime sharpness in a zoom, you have to get a big, heavy, and expensive L zoom, like the 24-70 (which doesn't have IS), or the Sigma 18-35, which is enormous. There are no shortcuts.

By the way, did you turn off IS on the zoom? On a tripod at that speed, I'd worry that IS would do more harm than good.

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