Chasing unnecessary perfection

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Re: Chasing unnecessary perfection

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

Maybe not perfection. What the intended usage is, may determine taking the extra steps to insure a clean, sharp image at 100%

I display my images on the big screen 4K TV at my camera club meeting every week. We do a lot of bird photography here in South Florida and feather detail is a big thing. If the image looks good, the first reaction by the moderator of our sessions is to zoom in for that feather detail.....and if there is noise or artifacts it jumps right off the screen, every time.

So, you bet, before I embarrass myself in front of 50 or 60 other photographers, I'll Pixel Peep every one.

Interesting, I imagine the conversation going something like this..

"Wow great picture"

"Yes superb"

"best picture of the evening"

"lets zoom in a bit"

"Oh no I can see artefacts which would show if we were to put it on a poster"

"seriously flawed"

"Well, when I said wow, I meant not bad"

"and I meant superb if you didn't look too closely"

"rubbish as I suspected which Is why I didn't agree with wow but I didn't say anything because....."

Well Trevor, you got it all wrong...……..

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