Chasing unnecessary perfection

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Re: Chasing unnecessary perfection

UppercanadianAcadian wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

You've taken the picture, Maybe cropped a bit and maybe done some processing and you are pleased with the result. It looks great on the screen and will print to a decent size, maybe A4/letter. You hit the magnifying glass and sure enough noise is showing and maybe even some unpleasant artefacts none of which showed before you peeked closer. Do you care? Does it ruin your experience? Is it better never to pixel peep because whatever the camera you will always find something you don't like?

When I started in digital with all of 3MP I was always pixel peeping in the effort to get the best out of the camera. Later with 12MP and now at 16MP and 20MP with various cameras I sit back and enjoy the images and have largely left pixel peeping as a serious activity out of my life.

Anyway, my thought of today in another thread sums it up nicely

That has used up my day's thinking so no more wise stuff from me for at least a day.

With an attitude like that Guy, how will you ever be happy

The attitude to photography or the attitude to thinking?

At least I'm happy once a day when I come up with a thought.

Now I rest until tomorrow.

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