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Re: Sensors ain’t everything

Tom Caldwell wrote:

G1Houston wrote:

There have been trolls but there also have been some genuine concerns about the direction and future of the format.

It is not about people who already buy into the system, but how m4/3 can compete in the new market when other systems with much larger sensors are getting smaller and cheaper. People who want "a smaller but just as good" system now have many good choices. Make no mistake about it, we are stuck with the 20 M sensor. It is not just about cropping, but also about dynamic range and noise. Image processing capability which affects video and AF performance, on and on ... As the m4/3 customer base continues to contract, it will be difficult to even order the 20 M sensor at a volume that is cost-effective, let alone expecting SONY to develop a newer sensor for us.

Sensors ain’t everything I am still using mainly 16mp sensor gear and not unhappy with what they can do.

Nor can we be unhappy with the quality and variety of lenses already on offer - if any one of us even owned half the oem M4/3 on the market we would still find many a niche lens type that we desperately wanted to buy that was not yet made.

People are like that ....

That's a valid point for individual exceptions, but not for expanding the marketshare.

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