Chasing unnecessary perfection

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Re: Chasing unnecessary perfection

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

You've taken the picture, Maybe cropped a bit and maybe done some processing and you are pleased with the result. It looks great on the screen and will print to a decent size, maybe A4/letter. You hit the magnifying glass and sure enough noise is showing and maybe even some unpleasant artefacts none of which showed before you peeked closer. Do you care? Does it ruin your experience? Is it better never to pixel peep because whatever the camera you will always find something you don't like?

Oh I don’t know man.

I’ve been to SO MANY family functions where everyone is nicely gathered together and I’m about to take some quick candid shots with my m4/3, but... I remember how m4/3 is inadequate, so I have to constantly ‘ruin the moment’ (wife is such a critic!) by turning off half the lights just so I can use my full frame camera and show how much less grainy the shots are in the ‘unnaturally low light’.

Ahhhh there was also the time I was ‘weird’ and ‘ruining everything’ (sensitive friends what can you do eh?) when I told the priest to dim the lights more when I was taking pictures at my friends baby’s baptism because, as I clearly said to everyone, ‘My full frame camera can shoot great in the dim light!’

another time I remember trying to show my brother in law how much better the pictures of our family in the park were from my full frame camera over his m4/3. (He didn’t even know what photoshop dynamic brushes were!! What a hoser eh?)

Haven’t really seems him since.

I think he’s embarrassed. I would be.

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